Gravel Delivery in Taylorsville NC

Today at 3 Georges Grading, we tackled a Gravel Hauling & Spreading project in Taylorsville NC. This grading job required delivery of 25 loads of #4 crushed run to our clients property with a tandem dump truck to create a beautiful gravel driveway for them. For spreading the gravel, we brought in our CAT 389 skid steer track loader and also brought our 4 in 1 hydraulic bucket attachment. This specialty bucket allowed us to evenly spread it to the proper thickness to be effective for driving on.

Putting new gravel on a road can be a very cost effective way to cover muddy roads, create gravel parking areas, or to widen and reclaim areas with unwanted weed overgrowth. Over long periods of time, you may find that your gravel rock may also get thinner as it is slowly taken away by being caught in tire treads, erosion, and sometimes it has become very compacted over time. If you have an old gravel drive and it’s time for a fresh topcoat we can help it look like new again…

Why choose us for your Gravel Driveway Installation & Hauling Company?

Here at 3 Georges Grading, we know that having the right tools (like the 4 in 1 bucket to spread & move gravel) really saves us time, while also helping to get your gravel hauling job done right. Another way we love to save our clients money is knowing where the closest rock quarries and gravel pits are in relation to your property that we can deliver gravel from. This type of local grading company knowledge eliminates wasted fuel, wear & tear on our dump trucks, and longer than needed gravel delivery turn around times.

  • We know the closest Gravel Pit & Rock Quarry
  • New Gravel Roads & Driveways Installation
  • Commercial & Residential Gravel Delivery
  • Reshape & Refinish Old Gravel Driveways

After we complete every gravel hauling and spreading job, we always take the time to make sure our clients are 100% satisfied with our work BEFORE we pull our grading equipment off the job. It is just one of the reasons we are the preferred local Gravel Hauling company in Taylorsville North Carolina – serving all of Alexander County.

If you are looking for a Gravel Hauling Company and you need gravel delivered and spread on your property in Taylorsville, North Carolina – please give 3 Georges Grading Company a call at 828-855-8924 to discuss your projects details and get a quote today.