Parking Lot Restoration

A local company in Alexander County NC contacted us needing their gravel parking lot scraped. When we scrape a parking lot like this, we use the teeth on the bucket and scrape and agitate the gravel back up in quick fashion. Then we like to take the 4 in 1 multi purpose bucket and smoothing the gravel back down flat to make it look like brand new.

Why this was the most cost efficient way for our client.

The client did not need to bring in hundreds of tons of gravel for their quite large parking lot. They had several inches of gravel already. Potholes had formed, the good gravel didn’t look so fresh anymore. By taking this course of action they saved thousands in new gravel and hauling. It only took a few hours to scrape the entire parking lot and make it look brand new.

3 George’s Grading was the best decision because?

We showed up and offered what would be the best course of action for multiple reasons. Some of these reasons were cost efficiency, expertise in this area of work, and time. I told them we could get the job done in around 4 hours. They gave me the go ahead and we’re deeply satisfied by the conclusion.

If you are in need of our cost efficient work and ability to come and make sure you are satisfied please give us a call and get a quote.